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A Super Bowl Rooting Guide : The New Yorker

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Religious Studies: Twenty-seven per cent of Americans believe a higher power will have some say in the outcome of Sunday’s game. So will He be pulling for Colin Kaepernick, and those aforementioned tattoos? (Or might the kissing of his bicep be viewed as praising a false idol?) Lewis, meanwhile, seems to have been speaking in tongues for the better part of a month, though he has since joined the seventy-three per cent and said that God will have no impact on the game. Either way, there’s plenty of religious fervor on both sides.

Music: Beyoncé, again, of course. But each team has its own tune, as well. San Francisco has a terrible rap song. The Ravens have an ode written and performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Root for rap!

Fashion: The Ravens wear costumes as much as uniforms. In purple and black, they appear to be leftovers from the Joker’s dressing room on the set of Tim Burton’s “Batman.” (They’ll be wearing white jerseys on Sunday, but the effect isn’t much different.) The 49ers wear lots of stripes. A vote for the classic look.

Root for The Gold!

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