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It was the best of times... in iPhone apps.

It was the best of times in iPhone apps


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Someone was very patient in transcribing Charles Dickens "Tale of Two Cities" in this painstaking way.

That's someone with WAY too much time on their hands, I must say, Adam. I'm going to put in my request for "War and Peace," though. 

Wait, they used "Google" or "Chrome" for an 'O'.  That's not right!

It was the Financial Times, it was the New York Times.

Greg, they should have used OPERA for O.

Geege, ha!

And Dawn, you're so right!

Pandawhale ain't nobody gif

Had to be someone with his own barista. You save a lot of time that way, time well-spent making intricate graphics like this.  In Rhode Island, we save a lot of time by cutting the consonants off the end of our words and eliminating the use of the blinker. Studies have shown that saves up to an hour and a half a day, translating into much higher productivity than Dickens guy will ever see... 

Barista as in coffee maker?


iPhone apps spell alphabet meme Imgur

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