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Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned | Om Malik

Evolution of a Founder Lessons I have learned Om Malik


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But it was a conversation with Toni Schneider (now CEO of Automattic, the on-demand WordPress service), and a venture partner at True that made it all come together. I remember him asking me: what makes you happier, writing for GigaOM or Business 2.0? The answer was obvious to Toni, but I needed to answer that question for myself. And when I did, other decisions came easy, though telling my boss was not.

This paragraph is the epitome for me:

The success of business can be measured through many metrics — page views, revenues, profits, the number of employees, or an exit (either through a private or through a public sale). But there isn’t really a scorecard for a founder. You don’t really know if you are winning, losing, succeeding, or failing. It is actually pretty much all of those, all within the firing of a synapse. The success of a founder, as far as I am concerned, is measured in intangibles.

You never know if it's the good story or the bad story. Usually it's both.

I love this early photo:

Liz Gannes Katie Kevin Rose

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