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"Design is about obsessively caring to the point you will annoy most everyone around you." [email protected]

Design is about obsessively caring to the point you will annoy most everyone around you.
6:40 PM Nov 27 2011

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Once again, thank you rands for this tweet.

Rands as in Rands in Repose.

Which is now available as a email newsletter.

I favorited this tweet but it's more fun sharing it on PandaWhale ...

What's the fun in favoriting a tweet? Does anyone even use Favorites on Twitter?

I'd drop the word "Design" and put in something more general like "Being the best".

The world is run by obsessives and this trend will only grow stronger. Most people never devote 10,000hrs to anything other than sleeping, eating, watching TV, etc. Even those that do are rarely really engaging in "deliberate practice" because that requires constant gauging and focus on improvement -- hence the word deliberate.

What kind of people most frequently do 10,000hrs of focused practice? Who does it come most natural to? I'll tell you who: obsessives. Read about Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Edison... It's not hard to draw parallels, most saliently in terms of hours spent and focus on goals.

Passion for creation and improvement is the best kind of crazy.

Yes. Doing anything really well, involves obsessing about details that others don't care about, or don't even see. To those observers it looks like pointless slowness, or wasteful iteration and reworking.

For some reason design is a field where people accept or even expect a lot of pretension from those at it's top so designers can get away with saying that sort of thing.

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