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Why Angry Birds is so addictive.

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I'm always curious why some apps are addictive.

If you want to read a loooong article about why Angry Birds is, see:

Here's my summary:

  • Simple but engaging basic interaction.

  • Response time is cleverly managed. Performance matters.

  • An element of mystery.

  • Short term memory management.

  • A distinctive visual appeal.

If these were easy to put into a single application, there would be more addictive applications.

Unfortunately, it's not easy, so don't regret trying. Aiming for those characteristics is a privilege.


One of the best analysis on how Angry Birds (of any other piece of software ever written and analyzed in details) does short term memory management. I learnt so much.


That's about as simple as you can make it. It's the basic formula for habits (good and bad.) 

Trigger: what makes me want to initiate?

Action: what is the thing that needs to be done?

Reward: what makes the person feel good after they do the action? 

Throw in a leveling up system and you have yourself a sticky game. 

Add a level of randomness and you have a billion dollar casino empire.

Well said.

Can you imagine how addictive Angry Birds would be if they added a gambling element to it?

Hysterical. We're just talking about this and BOOM: article on techcrunch about apps and habits/addiction...

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