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Google's Secret to Attracting the Best Talent in the World

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There are fewer organizational boundaries in Stage 4 and 5 companies, and less bureaucracy overall. Leaders don't run their companies with "command and control" orders; instead they give employees enormous leverage and creative freedom. This has everything to do with trust and ownership: 

"[Stage 5] revolves around infinite potential and how the group is going to make history — not to beat a competitor, but because doing so will make a global impact. ... Teams at Stage 5 have produced miraculous innovations. The team that produced the first Macintosh was at Stage 5, and we've seen this mood at Amgen. This stage is pure leadership, vision, and inspiration."

Could it be that Google is great at attracting employees simply because everyone else is so much worse?

@geege, my favorite quote from G.S. Patton: Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

Except for the ones who lack ingenuity. They'll surprise you with their stupidity.

Powerful title, not so great read. That was kind of a let down. Just like the companies who market themselves as amazing, but fall short.

Shayn, you're right that BusinessInsider tends to sensationalize their headlines.

Like when I read their page on Larry Page's management philosophy:

Essentially his "secret" is not to focus on competition but rather look for innovation from within the company.

Not very helpful for companies that aren't Google.

The real "secret" is work very hard and be very lucky. Which is not a secret.

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