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Andrew loses 100 pounds in 2.5 years.

At his heaviest he was over 310lbs. Here he is in 2010, falling asleep while gaming (hardcore pro skills right there).


At this point he had dropped out of school to take care of his mother as she underwent cancer treatment in their native Taiwan. Tired of having the extra stress of being so overweight, and inspired by his mum's lifestyle changes taken for her health, he started working on slimming down.


Here he is in late 2012, a student in culinary school. At this point he was probably about 210lbs and finally had a direction in life. He had more energy, motivation, and was looking good ;P


He's put on muscle from working in an NYC restaurant kitchen and is down to 200lbs. From his heaviest, he has lost over 100lbs in about 2.5 years and I could not be more proud of him.

I'm posting this as inspiration for other people who are struggling with their weight, or are even just stuck in life. It gets better guys, even when it feels like nothing is going in your favor.


Andrew, if you see this, I am very proud of you! No matter your weight or size, I love you supah lots and you're the most amazing friend I could have.

Your mum is too strong of a woman to let this beat her and she has the best son ever backing her up. She's going to be ok, so be strong!



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The key was to change his lifestyle and lose the weight slowly while getting more fit.

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