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Beyonce Lightsaber Vader

Beyonce Lightsaber Vader meme Imgur Tumblr


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Obama has been preparing for this day for a while...

beyonce light saber

...and it's time for a showdown... COME AT ME BRO!

beyonce dark vader

Luckily Beyonce has J-Lo, Marc Anthony, and her dancers as backup...

beyonce light saber

beyonce light saber

...whereas Team Obama only has Taylor Swift and Kanye West...

beyonce light saber

...and once Beyonce goes into BEYONCE SMASH mode it's game over.

Beyonce has two light sabers and lots of muscles

Beyonce clearly has the edge. Because she lifts.

More Beyonce derp meme:

Beyonce Derp Meme response - Beyonce walks around with a light saber, nbd

beyonce red lightsaber dance

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