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What building inspires you? / Meta-Housing: Super-Sized Hotel Made of Stacked-Up Homes

What building inspires you Meta Housing Super Sized Hotel Made of Stacked Up Homes


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This new hotel in the Netherlands has sparked a great deal of conversation by using the traditional form of regional homes and cottages in a surrealistic stack (some even seeming to sit sideways or upside-down) as part of a relatively huge city-central structure.

The Inntel Hotel (design by Molenaar & Van Winden Architecten + WAM Architecten, images by Roel Backaert) features 160 rooms and sits 11 stories high, towering over much of its surroundings and sticking out for miles around – for better or worse – from its urban landscape. From their overall forms down to the white and green facades, wood-carved decor and window treatments, the component ‘houses’ in the design were patterned after actual conventional structures in the area.

Meta-Housing: Super-Sized Hotel Made of Stacked-Up Homes | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

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There's a fine line between homage and mockery, and I'm not sure on which side this FABULOUS hotel stands.

I'm not quite sure either. That's saying something.

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