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13 Things a Man Can Cook with a Blowtorch

13 Things a Man Can Cook with a Blowtorch


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13 Things a Man Can Cook with a Blowtorch

Source is Refined guy:

Some desserts are there -- marshmallows, creme brûlée, baked Alaska, cupcakes...

Blowtorch skillet pizza is cool:

Did you even know you can make pizza in the skillet without ever turning on your stove? Well, you can. And if you want to try this method, I recommend using a blow torch to brown the crust and the cheese, as well as roast your veggies.

Just think about how awesome that is: blowtorch pizza. Sounds like a Super Bowl party menu item to me.

Blowtorch Skillet Pizza

But where this list gets good is with vegetables, fish, and meat.

Nathan Myrvhold's seared frozen steak:

No, I am not kidding. Last January, the New York Times ran this feature that forever changed my life.

The perfect steak, of course, has a delicious charred exterior with a perfectly rare, medium rare, or medium interior. But with conventional cooking methods you are presented with a problem: the better the exterior char, the worse the interior pink; and the better the interior pink, the worse the exterior char.

Luckily there is a solution that yields the perfect combination of char and pink: char the outside of the frozen steak with a blowtorch—yes, while still frozen. Then pop that bad boy in the oven at a low temp to cook it until the desired level of doneness.


Thomas Keller's Prime Rib:

Thomas Kellar, the celebrity chef who founded the famous restaurant in Napa Valley called “The French Laundry,” has shared with the world his secret for perfect prime rib.

You see, prime rib has to be rare, and thus it’s best cooked at a very low temp. The problem with this is that it’s hard to get a nice caramelized crust at that temp. You could broil it or something first, but that would cook a little too deep. So instead, the best solution is, as always, the blowtorch. Before popping the roast into the oven, char the outside with a blowtorch.

Best. Prime. Rib. Ever.