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Taylor Swift at 2013 Grammies: "I still love you."

Taylor swift I still love you gif imgur tumblr



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Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal enjoyed Taylor's performance.

Harry Styles tweet to Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2013

Ryan Reynolds is not amused...

Ryan Reynolds awww gif

Stay classy, Taylor.

Taylor Swift Ellen Degeneres Grammy 2013

Taylor Swift - 55th Grammy Awards 2013

Taylor Swift we are never ever getting back together white suit OP hat Grammys 2013

Taylor swift dancing gif - Grammy 2013

Taylor Swift never ever ever Grammy 2013 gif

Still, Taylor looked as classy as Carrie Underwood and J-Lo...

Grammies 2013 - Carrie Underwood Jennifer Lopez Taylor Swift

...and Ellen Degeneres was funny with Katy Perry:

Ellen DeGeneres looks at Katy Perry boobs - the Grammy Awards 2013

Ellen be careful, Katy shoots sparks:

Katy Perry shoots sparks out her boobs gif

Here you go, Ellen:

Katy Perry green shirt boobs - Grammy Awards 2013

Miley Cyrus approves.

Katy Perry Miley Cyrus Grammies 2013

Adele approves, too.

Katy Perry Adele Grammy Awards 2013

1D â Lady Gaga â Nicki Minaj

Kelly Clarkson photobomb!

Kelly Clarkson photobombing Ellen DeGeneres Grammy 2013

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry on the Red Carpet...

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry on Red Carpet - 55th Grammy Awards Red Carpet - 02/10/13

Katy Perry and Elton John - 55th Grammy Awards Red Carpet - 02/10/13

Katy Perry having fun.

Katy Perry having fun. - 55th Grammy Awards Red Carpet - 02/10/13

Katy Perry wore the same dress that æå°å° wore at the 49th golden horse awards - Imgur

Katy Perry gif - boobs green dress 55th Grammy Awards 2013

CBS said they wanted everyone to cover up at the Grammys, and they didn't want to see any sideboobs - Imgur.

...and here is Katy Perry with John Mayer:

Dave Grohl with Adele:

Dave Grohl and Adele - Grammies 2013

Later, Adele beat up on Chris Brown:

Adele giving Chris Brown a piece of her mind, after he remained seated during a standing ovation when Frank Ocean beat him for Best Urban Contemporary Album - Imgur

Fox News has the story:

Chris Brown clapping gif

Adele is right, Chris Brown. You should have stood up for Frank Ocean.

Chris Brown sitting for Frank Ocean 2013 Grammies gif

Remember, Adele can set fire to the rain.

Ed Sheeran should have gotten a Grammy for showing up in a suit and being adorable.

Ed Sheeran Grammy for showing up in a suit and being adorable. Grammies 2013 meme

Ed Sheeran didn't lose the Grammy. The Grammy lost him.

Ed Sheeran suit Grammy 2013

Frank Ocean to Chris Brown: U Mad Bro?

Frank Ocean to Chris Brown: U Mad Bro? 2013 Grammies

Meanwhile, Rihanna in red...

Rihanna red dress Grammy's 2013

Kelly Rowland and Frank Ocean:

Kelly Rowland x Frank Ocean - 55th Grammy Awards 2013

Jessica Biel Grammies 2013

Rihanna Grammy 2013 gif


2013 Grammies: Chris Brown and Rihanna, Beyonce and Jay-Z

Ryan Seacrest gets the last word.

Ryan Seacreast Katy Perry boobs

Are they real?

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