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Are Katy Perry's boobs real?

are katy perry breasts real hot red stripes tight dress vanity fair 2014 Imgur

Source: Vanity Fair

Are Katy Perry s boobs real


imgur: the simple image sharer

A few more:

are katy perry hot breasts real tight dress feet Imgur

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Katy Perry's boobs won the 2013 Grammies, apparently.

Katy Perry's Grammy boobs are the main thing the Internet seems to be talking about today.

Katy Perry boobs Grammies gif

If you'd like to see more evidence, here's a Katy Perry Grammies 2013 page.

The debate rages on:

Are Katy Perry's breasts real or fake?

TheSuperficial's bikini image atop this page from July 2012 looks real, so my instinct is...

YES, Katy Perry's boobs are real.

But I think this requires more research. For science.

In any case, one thing is certain. Katy Perry has fun with her breasts:

Katy Perry breasts real gif

So let's look at more evidence...

And more:

Katy Perry bikini boobs Exploring - Imgur

Katy Perry - Imgur

Katy Perry - Imgur

Katy Perry's Rolling Stone cover boobs (August 2010) reveal what's real and what's not.

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover photoshop gif

Katy seems philosophically opposed to breast enhancements. Katy told The Sun in 2008:

How could people think these are fake? Look at 'em. Ask them! They are as real as real can be. One hundred per cent genuine and untouched...well sort of. I would never spend money on fake boobs. Shoes, maybe. A handbag, maybe. But plastic tits – no way!

She'd rather spend money on a purse or shoes than fake boobs.

nonphotoshopped looks better

Katy Perry - REAL or FAKE ???

Makes me wonder why Rolling Stone decided to Photoshop them.

The Quora answer to the question "Did Katy Perry have breast augmentation surgery" seems to imply that Katy did have her breasts enhanced, citing this February 2011 perfume ad:

Katy Perry: Has Katy Perry had breast augmentation surgery? - Quora

When you compare with the unphotoshopped Rolling Stone picture from six months earlier, her breasts do in fact look bigger.

But that could just be because she's wearing tighter clothing.

Quora links to (!!!) which also thinks her funbags are fake:

Katy Perry's breasts - no hang

Katy Perry's fake boobs projection vs real boobs no projection

Are Katy Perry's breasts real?

I think they're just haters, and that Katy Perry's sweater puppies are real.

Check out the stack of this rack at the 2013 Grammies:

Katy Perry's tits are real and spectacular at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry's hooters have hang. Katy Perry's boobs are REAL.

Katy Perry bra size is 32-D.

KROQ in October 2010 also declared that they're real.

And they linked to this Complex photo shoot for demonstration purposes:

Perhaps you'd like more evidence? Okay, fine, check out these before and after photos. 

Before (2009):

Katy Perry's Breasts - Real or Implants - Before

After (2011):

Katy Perry's Breasts - Real or Implants - After explains:

BEFORE: Katy in a green and white dress with lots of colors and objects to grab your attention. The bright dress draws your attention away from any physical features. She is also wearing a bright red belt that brings the focal point o the center of her body. Small potatoes make the steak look big. In the same sense, a large belt makes breasts look small. Additionally the dress is loose allowing for her breasts to remain held entirely inside without any spillage. This photo was taken in 2009.


AFTER: This photo was taken at the 2011 MTV music awards. It was appearance that first brought Katy’s possible breast implants into the lime light. While the dress is very tight and separates her breasts in the middle, it is revealing enough to see all contours of the breast line; excluding the bottom and outsides. If you notice the top of her breasts are not nearly proportionately as full as the bottom portion. So what does this mean?


When the bottom of the breast is considerably larger than the top this can mean one of three things. One answer would be deformation of the breast. We know with Katy this is not true as her breast appear normal, attractive and proportionate to each other. The second reason would be because the breasts are real. C cups and larger natural breasts will naturally sag and cause the upper portion to be smaller than the bottom portion. Usually people who have had breast augmentation surgery will have top and bottom portions which are proportionate to each other. With this in mind, one final answer is available. When a woman already has C cup or larger breast and receives breast re-shaping surgery or a small breast implant the chest will look natural. This type of breast enhancement is less common and not as desired because most women who undergo breast implant surgery wants “perfect” looking breasts. While Katy’s breasts are attractive, they are not perfect.

Katy Perry's breasts are REAL. REAL. REAL.

seinfeld they're real and spectacular

Nice try, Jerry Seinfeld.

I think Ellen Degeneres needs more time to decide.

Ellen Degeneres Katy Perry boobs

One thing's for certain: not everyone can fill out that dress that way.

Compare Li Bingbing (李冰冰) in the same outfit:

Taylor Swift at 2013 Grammies:

More Grammy 2013 shots from the Internet:

Side note. Ellen Degeneres explained herself:

Ellen explains Katy Perry boob stare

Last but not least, Katy Perry Elmo gif suggests her boobs real, too.

Look at how they make her eyes spin:

Elmo Katy Perry. - PandaWhale


CONCLUSION: Katy Perry's breasts are real.

don't forget here bust mold...

Ryan Seacrest wants to form his own opinion at the 2013 Grammies.

Ryan Seacrest looks at Katy Perry's breasts

This would be more helpful if it was a gif. Thank you Katy!

Katy Perry sexy real breasts gif - Grammies 2013

No wonder John Mayer is enthralled:

And here is more Katy Perry if you'd like to do more research yourself:

Katy Perry did mold her breasts for charity:

Click through and you'll see further proof that her breasts are real.

See also: Is Jen Selter's bum real?

Katy Perry has never had surgery to enhance her breasts. People who are really interested in her biography and person know that to be a fact. 

Rafael, I believe you.

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