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Another Sign Apple Inc. (AAPL) is Moving Towards OLED Technology? - Insider Monkey

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Apple and LG to go to OLED war against Samsung? Good for consumers I say!

I'm not familiar with the pros and cons of OLED (organic light emitting diode)...

In what ways is it better and worse?

Higher price in the near term, but I think all other forms of tv will soon be going away.  It's thinner, lighter, high contrast, uses less energy, are mostly borderless, and my favorite, have a larger color palette.  If black is just the absence of color, then oled can create dark matter out of thin air as non of the "lamps" bleed over as there are none. 

Oh, I see. So Apple and LG would compete with Samsung in the TELEVISION market?

For some reason I thought the implication was for tablets and smartphones...

I'm hoping something new in televisions comes along in the next few years. Holding out till then.

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