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If you're going to consume sugar, take caffeine too. #WTF

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Obnoxious finding from the Diagnostic Imaging Centre of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona:

The conclusions suggested that a combination of caffeine and glucose has beneficial effects on attention (sequential reaction time tasks) and learning and on the consolidation of verbal memory, none of which were observed when the substances were consumed separately.

They performed better than the placebo group that had no sugar and no caffeine.

I hate findings like this that are counterintuitive AND bad for peoples' health.

I refuse to believe that sugar and caffeine can be good for you.

I think they've found that caffeine alone has this effect too. So it's all good!

Yeah, I posted from the same study a while back.

Neither caffeine or sugar are evil, it's what you do with them.

Caffeine definitely improves cognition but regular use quickly creates dependency so all you're doing is using caffeine to get to normal. But if you use it irregularly, it's a cognitive enhancer.

Glucose (sugar) is your body's preferred fuel source. Your body tries to reduce everything to glucose if it can. Often, your brain uses the majority of glucose in your body. Your brain *needs* it. Post workout simple sugars are *amazing* for recovery and growth and anything else is vastly inferior. Sugar all the time, added to everything while people are sedentary, on the other hand, is diabetes waiting to happen.

Hence, Gatorade.

So why is Gatorade not caffeinated?

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