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The Basics of Hammock Camping...

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I never thought of adding a tarp over the hammock for weather protection.

I do like the idea of sleeping on a hammock more than sleeping on the ground.

I went camping once in Playa Paraiso in Campeche, MX.  My friend and I drove up to a beautiful, empty resort with palapas right on the beach.  We both hung our hammocks inside the palapas and went to sleep.  An hour after sunset the assault began.  Mosquitos!  No wonder the whole place was abandoned.

We put the mosquito net over the palapa, tied it up and held it down with rocks so there were no gaps.  We even put sheets over ourselves inside our hammocks and these mosquitozillas still got through all of that and were stinging us through the sheets.  

It was the worst of hammock times, it was the best of hammock times.....

So what is a good way to repel mosquitos? Off?

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