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What If Oscars Were Made Of Solid Gold? | Popular Science

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The price of gold has been fluctuating for years, but it’s still extremely valuable. Just an ounce of the stuff today would cost you around $1,600. Given the weight of an Oscar statuette, one made out of solid gold would be worth $219,000. That twinkle in a winner’s eye would be more than just a realization that he or she is a decent actor; it would be the joy of holding a chunk of metal worth a new Lamborghini.

So an Oscar made of solid gold would weigh 9 pounds? Wow. 

Imagine holding 9 pounds of gold...

Oh, I will.  And you can imagine this: The monetary value of an antimatter Oscar statuette would be a stack of dollar bills so high that it would take light nine and a half days to reach the end of it.

It's also a bigger boom than Tsar Bomba: 175.68 Megatons!

World War III, computed as the simultaneous explosion of all known nuclear devices (about 15,000 today) collectively is only 10,000 megatons?! I am underwhelmed. 

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