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Answer to Project Glass: How do you think that Google Glass technology might change the quality and nature of human social interaction?

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Social Interactions with Google Glass in the Age of Context:

Google Glass combined with all in-context apps and data will enable the whole set of applications, which will drastically improve our lives and in-person communication.

Here is the list of potential use-cases with examples: 

Shared Experience: John is visiting Grand Canyon. He calls mom to able to show what he sees. Mom is also able to quickly share the old picture of her with John's father visiting Grand Canyon. As the result  John's life experiences are enhanced with in-person social layer. The social layer becomes relevant to the shared brings relevancy to the shared experience.

In-context advise: Jill is badly injured. Jack calls 911 and the ambulance is on its  way. He is able to transmit live video of the situation and able to provide first aid after following specific medical advise of arriving medics.  Jill's life is saved because Jack is able to proxy the actions of trained medical technicians.

Relevant topic lookup: You are on a meeting or a party and you are able to look at the person and get in-context popup with the person's linked-in profile. You can maintain relevant conversation. The party experience is enhanced by interesting discussions.

Relevant person lookupYou are looking for specific people, google glasses navigate you to people of your interests visiting an event.

Additional information about any situation I'm in .... Could be very addictive!

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