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Facebook Social Reader apps are dying. ~@cjc

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Facebook giveth, and Facebook taketh away.

Seriously, the entire history of Facebook seems to be opening channels for spam and then removing them with extreme prejudice once spammers are dominating them.

So long, Facebook social readers. I'm keeping my attention with Pulse, thankyouverymuch.

The UI is inherently, broken. you click on an article and instead of opening it as it should, you are forced to "install app" before action (e.g. watching video, reading news article). Very, very broken UI. I've never added a social reader app, and for that reason, never would; also, it is strange to broadcast everything (all the music you listen to, articles you read, etc.) The beauty of Facebook is that there is more there that unifies us than brings us apart; by interjecting too much outside commentary, there is more chance to be broken apart... "Oh really, she reads articles about THAT..."

UI + Unity, are my thoughts.

For a short while, apps like Guardian and Digg and Viddy and Socialcam could get millions of users by exploiting the "very broken UI".

Welcome to Facebook world, where bad behavior is sometimes rewarded.

#Truth. When I wrote for VentureBeat, I wrote an article about video apps; there were 11 of them. While mobile changes the game (somewhat), It's interesting as a (former) writer to look at a similar trend (remember ? ) and think 'wait a second, I saw that before." Ultimately, I think Facebook indiscriminately helps apps grow -- their engineers at a conference claimed 60% overnight growth for Pinterest when open graph launched -- but it is up to the apps themselves to retain users. Is Washington Post or the Guardian that sticky? Or do people use Twitter, Pulse, Reddit, Hacker News, 9 gag,and other sites and apps to curate and consume their news? I for one, am interested to see where Viddy ends up in a year. Mobile video is not dead. Long live mobile video! :)

PS, this feels somewhat like a Quora competitor.

Quora is for experts, Wumi.

PandaWhale is for everyone.

I would love for Facebook to indiscriminately help PandaWhale grow.

Unfortunately, that's not in the stars.

We'll have to grow the old-fashioned way.

By being AWESOME.

:) Makes sense, because I've answered two questions -- ever -- on Quora.

I think I've read something about slow products on PandaWhale before ... where's that link, again so I can stash? :)

Today is your lucky day.

I have created an entire slow stash:

Stash away!


so you talked on another thread about profiles; hate to say it, but newsfeed is important for a reason (and hey, spawned a whole derivative company called Twitter :) -- and also, surprisingly, what dropbox makes difficult to do from mobile/desktop) and I think feed could be an important part of profile design.

if stash is essentially a board (and i can now follow your stash), i'm surprised, then, when i go to "stash" or (add to board, or fancy word for "tag") that i can't view other stashes so i can store in the same stash.

i'm trying to understand PDub in real-time; a Pinterest for conversation; a Quora for the everyman; a viddy for...(i kid haha).

i came back to PDub to find this conversation expecting it'd show in my recent feed either in home or in profile.

Stash / Convo is a beautiful concept.

Thank you, Wumi!

We will evolve in that direction.

Meanwhile, glad you think it's a beautiful concept.

Thank goodness. Now if video apps would die too....

That's coming next, Greg.

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