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Is network TV dead?

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"Nothing NBC has put on in prime time has matched even the appeal of the "Talking Dead", a show with people simply discussing "The Walking Dead"."

When AMC and even PBS are kicking your butt all over the place... and your highest rated show is going off the air... and you're losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year producing shows that literally no one wants to watch... maybe it's time to admit you need to be in some other business.

Talking Dead is pretty awesome -- it went from a half hour show last year to now a full hour because there's so much packed into every episode.

The post-episode analysis is quite useful.

I'm not even sure what NBC airs on Sunday nights. Fox has The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc, which are still quite good too.

Game of Thrones now boasts an audience of 12 million:

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