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The Raspberry Pi: One year since launch, one million sold

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"We never thought we’d find ourselves in the position we’re in today, with a million Pis sold, a sprawling community, real evidence that kids are picking the Pi up and learning with it, and new friends from all over the world," she also wrote.

Numerous people involved in the Pi's development shared their thoughts. Among them was Gordon Hollingworth, who left a job at Broadcom to become head of software at the Pi foundation. "I remember [Raspberry Pi creator] Eben [Upton] telling me about the Foundation’s plan to create the hardware based on BCM2835 (a chip I had a lot of involvement in creating), and him saying that he thought 10K was a good number to start with!"

This is truly phenomenal.

They rediscovered a market that was lost in the 1980s, occupied by DIYers on the TRS-80, Commodore 64, or (gulp!) Timex Sinclair.

The Vic 20 had 5k of RAM. 5k. I regularly write longer emails than that.

Amazing things about Raspberry Pi are that it has no competition AND it is just getting started.


I keep re-reading the phrase "kids are picking the Pi up and learning from it".


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