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Look at Hank over there reading the paper. I bet he's buying a boat or something. ~Envious Cat in Snow catsnowbank meme

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Envious Cat on a Boat - That was a good decision (x-post from r/photoshopbattles ) - Reddit

Source: PSB thread

imgur: the simple image sharer


I should buy a boat meme

imgur: the simple image sharer

Hank's response:

Sophisticated Cat - i should buy better curtains

I should buy a privacy fence

Your right you should and leave your house

Grumpy Cat's response:

Grumpy Cat meme - Is that asshole still standing out in the snow? GOOD.

Your right tartar sauce 

Combining Hank and Grumpy Cat:

Grumpy Cat Thoughts - i should murder my neighbor

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Oh my god that rude and funny

Well if you're gonna be like that then I'm gonna be like this.

morning glory - Imgur

Well played, sir.

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