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I walk down the street and people are like, "Shut up, Meg!"

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Source is 7 minutes 40 seconds into this video:

OMG i love mila - Imgur

Mila Kunis should have this response when they say "Shut Up, Meg":

Mila Kunis gif - Go Fuck Yourself

Either that or she should just smile and say nothing:

Mila Kunis gif - sexy smile beautiful boobs

Does the top picture of these three feature sideboob, or middleboob? Is there such a thing as middleboob? Why do I still act like I'm 12? And how do I NOT have that first line start in the middle? How did that happen?

No further questions, your honor.

I did not know there was a difference between sideboob and middle boob.

I just thought it up. It's like a more specific version of sideboob.

Well I think the Internet appreciates your inventing that word.

Cute [gif] - Imgur

You're welcome, Internet! :D

"Shut up, Green Meg!" ~everyone watching OZ

shut up green meg imgur OZ

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