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Magic collapsible folding table that stretches all the countries

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This is the world’s only round table, which can change its “capacity” from 6 to 12 people, ballooning in diameter, but while remaining perfectly round. Although extensible tables are usually associated with inadequate living space and the forced effort to compromise, a device is intended for millionaires. 

I love it!

magic table gif Chanchal Bhatia Google+ MINDBLOWN

magic folding table gif Imgur

folding table gif Imgur

Dammit that's brilliant!

I know, right?

imgur: the simple image sharer


magic folding chair gif Imgur

magic table deal with it gif folding collapsable Imgur

Making the Fletcher Capstan table:

coffee table to dining table in two steps gif Imgur

I'm afraid of anything, which has too many moving parts.

Because it can break easily?

Kinda. Cost of maintenance, moving challenges, etc.

You are much too practical, Sergey! Art is not about the pragmatic.

I love art of simplicity in daily life and art of complexity in the museums of hotels.

Well said, Sergey. Well said.

I just want to look at this again.




Not sure why so many Shakespeare.

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