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8 Completely Infallible Tips To Filling Out Your March Madness Bracket. Nate Silver for the win!

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5. Google the results of the last 10 Championship Games to help you decide on a “Total Points” tiebreaker, even though you’ll be hilariously out of the pool by then.

Example: “Oooh, I was only off by 6 points in my tiebreaker! If three of the Four Final Four teams had been different, I probably would’ve won this thing.”

That's funny.

Net-net: It's better to randomly pick than to try to think it out, right?

Heh heh:  "Net-net".  I get it.

But I like Big Data.   

<According to Silver, who doesn’t suggest we “throw darts at the wall to pick your tournament bracket” despite how much we may want to, Louisville is the most likely team to win the 2013 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at 23 percent favorability. Indiana is second with a 19.6 percent chance, with Florida (12.7 percent) and Kansas (7.5 percent) coming in third and fourth, respectively.>

I disagree with Silver. Louisville is in the Region of Death:

There are at least five other teams with a good shot of beating Louisville.

And especially Duke, which wants to prove that being ranked #2 in the division was a fluke.

I agree that the outcome of this tournament might be more difficult to predict than the Presidential election or the Academy Awards.

Personally, I use magical thinking:  I liked Cinderella Butler Bulldogs two years ago and Gonzaga is both Cinderella and Bulldogs.

But I'm in Gator Country, so I see Silver linings.

"Kansas is the No. 1 seed and Ben McLemore and Jeff Withey can play with anyone in the country. In addition, the team made the final game last year and that experience will come into play in March. However, Nate Silver has Final Four odds favoring Florida of any of the South teams, and the No. 3 seeded Gators have plenty of talent as well."

Oregon it is then.

Nate Silver March Madness bracket analysis still doesn't make sense to me.

Specifically: Why Florida? Just because all their losses were by small margins but their wins were all huge?

Gonzaga is not only Cinderella and Bulldogs but they're also in the weakest of the four regions.

I would love to see the Zags in the Final Four!

That SBNation link was great. Find any other good ones?