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10 Fun Ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket | Bleacher Report

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I love Bleacher Report.

I like the "words that are fun to say" strategy:

Gonzaga, Villanova, (Mike) Krzyzewski, (Matthew) Dellavedova, Shabazz (Muhammad), (Victor) Oladipo and Gorgui Dieng are all fun to say.

Maybe you prefer alliteration over absurdly valuable Scrabble words. In that case, you've got the Pitt Panthers, Kenny Kadji, Shaka Smart, the Golden Gophers and even Phil Pressey if that's technically alliteration.


That was my fave.  But "Which Mascot Would Win In a Fight" is even more juvie.

This is probably the most popular "random" bracket and easily the most fun to fill out.

Would a Buckeye be able to defeat a Gael? Buckeyes are poisonous, but can also be stepped on (LIKE A LEGO!). Is Ohio State secretly sneaking buckeye powder into the Gaels' food or is this a face-to-face battle in the Coliseum?And has there ever been a better first-round mascot showdown than the Spartans vs. the Crusaders?

The best part of the mascot-battle bracket is that it's totally subjective, with battles involving Hurricanes and Cyclones up for debate most of all.

I'm convinced it was this bracket idea that spawned every other non-sports bracket you've ever seen. I'm also convinced this bracket has never won a March Madness pool.

One year the Panda and I decided we'd do it by whichever teams had the funniest names... so we ended up with the Fighting Blue Chickens vs the Spitting Horned Frogs or some such madness.

Love it! 

I wish there was an actual Cinderella team, with a Disney Princess mascot.  Who *wouldn't* want that?

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