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Essential Films -- A recommended movies list by 4chan /tv/

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Missing: Fight Club, Inception, The Dark Knight, Brick, The Rock, Boondock Saints, Summer Wars, Insidious, Primer, Sunshine, Snatch, Ghost in the Shell, Dumb and Dumber, Gladiator, Monty Python, Mean Girls ...

I see Matrix in the second row.  

Overall, not a bad list...  Skews younger but that's not too surprising given the source.

Thanks Matt, I took The Matrix out. I thought it would be SciFi, not action.

Skewing younger is okay but did they miss any movie you really love?

Glad to see the original Omen on the list. I thought it was scarier than The Shining. Also lots of typos. Drag Me to Hell is in comedy and Paranormal Activity is labeled Blair Witch Project. There animation list is ok but too short. No Hurtlocker =( 

Good catches, Nick.

Animated IS way too short. Missing The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Cars, and Kung Fu Panda!

Good call with Ghost in the Shell. The best thing about the Matrix was how original it seemed. Then you see Ghost in the Shell and realize how unoriginal it really was. 

To sci-fi, I'd add Gattaca and Dark City. 

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