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Why Apple’s China Disaster Is Worse Than You Think | Cult of Mac

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I think it's time to short on Apple stock. I'm not bullish on their future and IMO the golden years are over for good. 

I think the company will figure out production and the supply chain with or without china. The ability to use advance technology to built awesome consumer products still with the company.

China is not just about supply... They buy more Apple products than any other country. This is a revenue generating issue IMO. They can survive with keeping supply / mnufacturing / engineering margins low and efficient as they do, but where's the product innovation. We'll see I guess :-)

Too early to call it, but clearly they're not invincible. The next year will be telling.

But yeah, I'm watching the decline of Nokia, Blackberry, Dell, HP, and (slowly) Microsoft, and I'm reminded that no tech company stays on top forever.

How many companies fired the key exec for failed OS component?

Company long term success is about culture. 

Old cell phone manufacturers used to listen to cell phone service providers. Microsoft still makes products for corporate IT department heads. Samsung makes products for geeks. 

Apple is all about consumers. They will find their way.

I don't think that's a given.

Then again, three years ago I don't think anyone could have predicted the rise of Samsung.

Samsung is moving more into the consumer space now that they're starting to understand consumers.

They clearly want to compete directly with Apple for mindshare with consumers.

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