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Helping others makes you happier. What are the five steps to doing it right? by Eric Barker

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Eric Barker reviews Adam Grant's book Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success:

How much should I help others? How often? Will I be exploited? Will I end up resenting people I love if they don’t reciprocate?

Breaking it down:

  1. To be happier and healthier you need to give to others.
  2. Don’t be a martyr. Constant selfless giving is not the answer.
  3. 100 hrs a year is the minimum to increase happiness, so do about 2 hrs per week or a little more.
  4. You need to do it because you want to, so find a way to help others that is meaningful to you.
  5. It’s better to cluster those activities than to spread them out.

It's worth reading Eric's entire review:

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