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Mad Men Season 6: The Women Are Stronger |

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Angela Watercutter writes about Mad Men season 6:

A fair amount of change seems to be on the horizon for the show, much like the ’60s culture it depicts. After seasons worth of Mad’s men carousing, cheating on their wives, treating their female colleagues like second-class citizens and globally being awful to women in general, the female characters really stepped up in Season 5. Peggy ventured out on her own; Don’s second wife Megan (mostly) stuck to her guns and pursued her acting career; Joan became a partner in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (albeit via unfortunate prostitution-related circumstances); and Sally Draper finally moved into young adulthood (and maybe outgrew her creepy relationship with former neighbor boy Glenn?).

This expansion of female characters, of course, correlated to a realization amongst the lads of the show that they might actually need the women in their lives for stuff beyond sex and cooking. Or maybe they just realized they don’t like it when they can’t control them; it’s hard to tell. And it’s the late-1960s in New York, so second-wave feminism is go and the tides are changing, whether Roger Sterling saw it during an LSD trip or not (more on that later).

Speaking of timeframe: Last season left off in roughly the spring of 1967, but Weiner has promised that the show is “going to skip ahead in time.” How far is anyone’s guess; hopefully not too far, because skipping over the Summer of Love just seems criminal. Also, the closer the show gets to the 1970s, the worse the suits get. If Don Draper ever walks on screen in a floral print butterfly collar, all is lost. It would also be nice for the show to address more of the Civil Rights Movement, particularly since the show’s timeframe is (or was) approaching the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968.

Overall this should be an excellent season.

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Tonight's the night! 

I'm waiting for the season when Sally runs away to go to Woodstock.

That will probably be season 7 -- the last season.

They seem to roughly be tracking 18 months of the 1960s with every season.

Tonight is two hours. That's a lot of Mad Men!

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