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10 Billion Memes later....

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A meme is the simplest or smallest concept or idea that can be communicated between two people.

Wait, what we call "memes" now (aka "image macros") emerged 10 years after you wrote that.

One piece of advice I've learned the hard way: DON'T CROSS THE MEMES.

yo dawg grumpy cat meme

Sorry, meant to post the spongebob pic....

10 billion memes later

Ha! When I googled for "10 billion memes later" I found this...

create universe god meme - wait 14 billion years - 10 billion memes later

Funny, I actually found this:

I loved Serenity and I didn't watch all of the episodes before I watched the movie. In fact, it was the movie that got me interested in the series in the first place.  Scott Pilgrim is still one of my favorites too.

Yeah, I don't think those movies were doomed by their memes.

I think the memes make the movies more popular in pop culture. Scott Pilgrim is awesome!


That's just wrong.

Jeremy Liew calls this the "LOLcatification of the Internet":

I attribute pictures-with-words to which started January 11, 2007:

That's right, 106 Miles started on January 11, 2005.

And PandaWhale started on January 11, 2011.

Something about the date January 11.

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