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New Brunswick government cuts jobs and ferry runs to tackle spending - Brandon Sun

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The cuts to the ferry will destroy the Grand Manan economy. Grand Manan has been my home since 2003.

I don't understand, Christy. Why are they cutting the ferry? Just don't have any money?

The government claims they need these cuts to save money but it will only save them about 1.5 million 

. And it will cost the island untold amounts of money in lost tourism dollars, among other things. 

is the amount of tax revenue decline from lost tourism dollars greater or less than the $1.5M the government spends on the ferry?

Far greater. 

then the island should be funding the ferry rather than the provincial government, seems to me

No, we can't. We can't afford to. I was referring to the tex revenue the government from us receives over time, like a number of years. We don't make enough in one year to cover the ferry. This island is small, mostly poor, aside from a small number of well to do small business owners and professionals. We depend on the tourism to survive, we are a village, not a wealthy resort spot. 

So the rest of the province should pay for your convenience of a more frequent ferry?  If the tourism dollars aren't able to pay for it then how is it anything other than a subsidy for your lifestyles paid for by every other taxpayer in New Brunswick?  ( Of course, the flip side is to find a cheaper ferry: maybe Google can come up with a boat version of the auto drive? )

I lived in Maine for 2 years and not-infrequently used ferries and water taxis to visit friends on the assorted islands, so I have a pretty good idea of how vital these services are to the islanders.  However, you are never weakest than when your livelihood is dependent upon the gracious largesse of POLITICIANS (even Canadian ones!)....

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