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Facebook Fatigue Among Teens Should Freak Out Marketers - Piper Jaffray

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@bernhardwarner writes that teens are moving from Facebook to Reddit, Twitter, and SnapChat:

The cold-shoulder treatment may be because so many parents and grannies seem, creepily, to be all over Facebook these days.

Why is this a big deal? Teens make up an $819 billion consumer segment, and the social media chatter about brands—positive or negative—is an increasingly large influence on their purchasing decisions. Just over half of all teens polled for the research (53 percent for female teens and 52 percent for teenage males) said social media affects their overall purchasing decisions, a trend that has gained strength in recent quarters.

what are the new hot teen channels in social? According to Piper Jaffray, they are Reddit and Twitter, plus Snapchat, Vine, and 4chan. That ranking is sure to change again soon.

What, no Tumblr?

See, teens won't admit they're there because they don't want to be found:

Piper Jaffray report:

Note that "Reddit and 4chan" might be the answer teens give to throw parents off the trail of Tumblr.

I'm surprised more teens don't mention Instagram.

see?  facebook and iphone are getting old

You were right. The trends agree with you.

oh stop.  i didn't say they were my assessments.  i'm not a social media king. we're all grasping at this.  i merely have access to real kids.

but i think it's pretty clear, the anonymity/pseudonymity of created identities/image is essential.  remember our first chat handles, etc?  

as i join and immerse in Instagram, i am once again always amused by everyone's handles.  

meanwhile, i think is also evolving as a new secret getaway (honestly i think it's where tumblr-ers go to play).  NSFW by any means.  yes, that's the name.  it is both exciting and terrifying.  

Facebook by its very nature of exposing everything we do makes people seek pseudonymous outlets.

Hence not just chaturbate but reddit, imgur, Instagram, tumblr, etc.

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