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The True Science of Parallel Universes, Animated

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Maria Popova writes:

Some of the greatest minds in science and the humanities have wondered — and attempted to answer — why the universe exists. That is, our universe, the universe, in the singular. But while it might be alluring to imagine what it would be like to live in a universe of ten dimensions, reality is at once simpler and more complex. From the wonderful Minute Physics — who have previously explored whether the universe has a purposewhy the color pink doesn’t existhow science education is stuck in the 19th centurywhy the past is different from the future, and why it’s dark at night — comes a lesson in science and semantics that distills the various hypotheses of parallel universes.

She concludes:

We must remember that physics is science, not philosophy, and in our attempts to explain the universe that we observe, we have to make claims that can in principle be tested — and then test them.

That testing takes time.

What a fascinating time for humanity to still be in the middle of a great learning process!

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