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High-tech sex workers in Silicon Valley - Arrests are up.

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yep. arrests are up

Why now?

more national attention again?  

Alyson Shontell writes that it's young rich guys who have increased the demand:

One sex worker says she uses Square, Jack Dorsey's mobile credit card swiper, to charge clients before visits. "As far as Square knows, it's a consulting business," the woman told Segall.

Another sex worker says she's made "close to $1 million" servicing young, rich men. Segall says they're from "a number of major tech companies in the area, places where the IPO money has been flowing."

Won't be long before "high-tech sex workers" means the prostitutes are ACTUAL ROBOTS.

I'm curious if it would be considered illegal if the workers were machines, not humans.

Why do I suddenly have an urge to watch BLADE RUNNER again?

To see a world in which the machines "live" among us.

Don't Date Robots!!!!

Nine percent of Americans said yes to “Would you have sex with a robot?”, 81 percent said no, and 11 percent weren’t sure. Males said yes significantly more than females, 14 percent to four percent. Younger adults were higher, too, with 14 percent of 18 – 29 year olds and 13 percent of 30 – 44 year olds being up for human/robot intimacy versus only six percent of 45 – 64 year olds and two percent of Americans 65 and older.

Less than half of Americans believe having sex with a robot is cheating, with only 42 percent saying yes, 31 percent saying no, and 26 percent unsure. Slightly more females than males said yes, 46 percent compared to 38 percent, and more than half of Americans over 65 believe it is cheating, relative to about a third of American adults under 65.

Only nine percent of Americans would have sex with a device?

I figured the numbers were already higher than that.

"Would you have sex with a robot?” is a poor test question.... what is a robot?  if you say robot, people think metallic things.... but if the question were "android" or just phrased differently?

To your earlier point, how many people would say yes if the bot looked like Lucy Liu?

always an industry that benefits from the boom...high end anything

and those who educate and promise the upgrade of lifestyle and status will prosper...

Because who WOULDN'T want the promise of upgrade of lifestyle and status?

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