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American English Dialects

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Language details.  More than you'd ever want to know.  I always knew that I was from "Least distinctive dialect in the U.S., many sections are "General American".".  I would like to be known as "General American" from now on please.

Whoever made this graphic really should take an Edward Tufte class on information display.

Having said that, I'm amazed that "The West" is one cohesive unit!

And like you I want to be known as a General American from now on.

Wait, no.  I want to be The General American.  Generalissimo Americano.

The map is kind of tough to read at a glance, but it actually is very informative of details of what is spoken where.  That actually makes it very useful.  With some training, you could pair it with Google Maps and emulate local diction for every call in a call center.  It reminds me a bit of aviation "charts" showing special zones.

True, I was just comparing it in my mind to the elegance of a chart like this:

And you are definitely the General American, Steve. I'll be a Major. Maybe a Colonel.