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'Survivor: Caramoan' episode 10 - Greatest tribal council ever - Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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When discussing the upcoming vote, everyone is in agreement that Eddie is going home. But oh wait, Malcolm drops a little bombshell. He has the hidden idol and, oh yeah, he has another idol. He's giving one to Eddie and he's using the other one.

Stealth R Us is in shock. They all start whispering names of who they'll be voting off. But when Malcolm says the Three Amigo Alliance is voting for Phillip if anyone wants to join them, Andrea looks like Christmas has come early. Phillip believes he is being maligned.

Eric actually says something intelligent and perceptive. Just because the Amigos have both idols doesn't mean they will really play both. Phillip says they should vote exactly how they said they would, and if that means he gets sent home, fine. It will be because of strategy. Yeah, well it's still spelled Loser Lodge.

Jeff Probst brings up the notion that this could all be misdirection and Dawn says, yes, they may have to vote off a member of the Stealth Alliance who isn't Phillip. Why, the nation cries?

Yes, why???

Dawn.  BLAH

Malcolm.  Yay!  Way to play with style.

Phillip. Lameo

Eric. Yep. 

Eric is turning out to be the best player in the game. Wouldn't that be something???

Okay so can the three amigos flip two more people next time? I hope so!


Eric flipped so he has some play in mind or he hates fillup that much.  

So what's his next move?

play the middle.  same with sharri and cochran, right?  dawn is out. brenda is an unknown but pledged to dawn.  andrea is friendly but I believe the three amigos know she is dangerous.  

I agree with your strategy. Get Eric and Sherri to boot Dawn, Andrea, Cochran, or Brenda.

This is unstable too because the middle players will want to get rid of an amigo as soon as they can.

Eric, Sherri, and Cochran are best positioned to play both sides as a final three.

Wouldn't that be something if all the strongest players get axed?

This is gonna be good.

Cochran Survivor gif I love I breathe Survivor

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