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Spider kills snake

Stashed in: Awesome, Bugs!, Reptiles!, spiders, Pretty cool, Even know I'm scared of bugs even spiders

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Wow. Remember when spiders were the scariest things on the internet? (As opposed to the world news this week.)

That's a pretty tiny snake. Let's see the spider take out a Python and then I'll be nervous.

As long as they don't get organized . . .

But spiders killing snakes is definitely a thing:

You've just described the stuff of most peoples' nightmares.

Freaking creepy!  The snake looks like a venomous coral snake, but it is a scarlet king snake or a scarlet snake.

Do you know what kind of spider killed it?  

Yeah! Not only did a spider get a snake for take out, it's not bothered one bit by the human filming it. 

As for spiders that kill snakes, there are -- gulp -- more than one.

Ah!  Thanks!

I'm going to defend myself from that spider NOPE with a bearded dragon!

Bearded Dragon eats spider gif - Destroyer of Nopes - Imgur

Charmander for the win!

wow that a lot of reptiles I want to get rid of them before they get me


Goliath Tarantula


Nope. - Imgur

Where's that bearded dragon? I need an army of them!

Helmet can't save you!

In Australia the spiders are so big you have to wear a helmet when you face them. - PandaWhale

I feel ill. Also, we need steadier camera operators. I want to know how that vignette ended.

Sweet and creepy

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