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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Twitter account: Boston Marathon bombing suspect loved Eminem, Nutella, Edmund Burke.

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The tweets are jarring for their ordinariness. The updates sketch a portrait of a somewhat bro-ish, quite assimilated young American. If his tweets are to be believed, Tsarnaev is a sports fan—“imagine how reckless their weekend is going to be in #Louisville,” he wrote in the wake of the team’s NCAA victory. He likes hip-hop, specifically Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. He has thoughts on the best strategy for when to buy the new Air Jordans. He seems to like women—he posted an NSFW image of a man and woman engaged in a sex act, rendered in ASCII characters—and doesn’t care for gays, if his homophobic retweets can be interpreted as endorsements. (On the other hand, he once tweeted a line from Rent.)

It's kind of amazing to think that no one pays attention to anything we write until we become famous.

At that point, everything we've ever said gets picked apart.

Repeating a cliche quote does not equate with an affinity for Edmund Burke.....

Imagining a reckless weekend in Louisville does not equate with him being a sports fan, either.

Well, now we know what a "brofile" looks like.

"These seem like the stray observations of an American male who would wear his baseball cap backward; he lives up to the image in the minds of those who spent yesterday 'brofiling' him."

Seriously his likes are so generic, this could be anyone. Who knows, maybe he paid someone to make it.

If he didn't, it's especially scary that murderous intentions could hide behind such idle chatter.

Or perhaps the implication is that any ordinary person is capable of murderous intentions?

Or maybe he didn't do it and really is just a normal person being framed in the heat of the moment.

He's covered in blood after firing at law enforcement people. How many normal people do that?

That's def not normal! Is that his own blood from the cops beating and shooting him or is it the cops blood? 

I'm only skeptical because the preussure their under to find the perps. Is there any evidence they did it? If so, is there a link?

You must have missed the week of Reddit vigilantes scouring every image of the event to find the ones where the guys actually placed the backpacks. Example:

Does this girl know how lucky she is? - Imgur

They definitely did it. We just don't know why.

More about the boy circled in blue:

Def missed it! Wow, can't believe that... Sigh!

The explosion happened within a minute of that photo.

Someone else has it on video.

Amazing that the woman circled in red escaped alive.

The 8 year old boy circled in blue died from being thrown against a wall by the bomb.

Good find, Jack.

By the FBI's own admission, the FBI was warned about Tsarnaev in 2011 by a foreign government (presumably Russia).

So why were they not monitoring him???

who says they weren't?

If they were monitoring him then why didn't they stop him before he did damage?

do you obsessively stare at your log files as they roll past, or do you spot check them? or do you not even do that much and analyze them after the fact, now that you know what to look for?

Spot checks. That's a good point. I just figured they have many more resources than I do.

They obviously do, but human vs. human makes for a very slow "log file" check....

The senior law enforcement official said the Russians feared he could be a risk, and “they had something on him and were concerned about him, and him traveling to their region.” Chechen extremists pose a greater threat to Russia than they do to the United States, counterterrorism specialists say, though some of the groups have had ties to Al Qaeda.

But the F.B.I. never followed up on Tamerlan once he returned, a senior law enforcement official acknowledged on Saturday, adding that its investigation did not turn up anything and IT DID NOT HAVE THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO KEEP TABS ON HIM. Investigators are now scrambling to review that trip, and learn about any extremists who might have influenced, trained or directed Tamerlan while he was there.

More details keep coming out.

The two bombers were part of a 12 person sleeper cell bloc.

The bombs were sophisticated, not home brewed from recipes from Googling.

There were more attacks planned.

The older brother had been kicked out of his mosque for angry violent threats.

The younger brother used to play beer pong. (Really?! He was a 19 year old Muslim!)

The younger brother killed the older brother after he ran out of bullets shooting at the cops and was about to be apprehended. He killed him by running him over with a car!

The younger brother tried to kill himself on the boat. Put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger but shot down instead of up so he wounded his throat and may not be able to speak now.

The younger brother was 7 years old when 9/11 happened. Welcome to the next generation.

Where did you get this?

Lots of updates in Reddit threads:

Were you asking about any fact in particular?

The 12 person sleeper cell. I did see Roubini's tweet. 

What really scares me is that the main reason they got identified and caught was this picture.

Come on Reddit....who is this motherfucker - Imgur

He stupidly dressed in an identifiable way.

A smarter person would have been disguised.

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