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Twitter is gonna build its own damn Instagram.

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From the you've-GOT-to-be-kidding-me department:

Twitter is finally learning a lesson from Facebook: If you can’t buy it, build it.In the coming months, Twitter plans to update its mobile applications to introduce filters for photos that will allow people to share altered images on Twitter and bypass Instagram, the popular mobilecentric photo-sharing network, according to people who work at the company but asked not to be named as they are not allowed to discuss unannounced projects. The filters on Instagram make photos look like they were shot with 1960s Kodachrome or with 1890s sepia tone film.

Instagram is so 2012.

Why is Twitter skating to where the puck was?

Are they out of ideas?

Twitter has already limited Instagram's access, meaning the Instagram app can no longer scan your Twitter contacts and suggest new people to follow.

So perhaps Twitter plans on banning Instagram completely.

Building their own version of Instagram would make doing so a lot easier.

Clearly changing the world by doing so....

I'm not saying other folks that we hero-worship aren't also as socipathically competitive, but how is this visionary leadership by Dorsey and team...

But I guess they are used to politics and backstabbing at Twitter

Unclear that Dorsey was involved in this decision.

OK, here's the irony. If you're an instagram user, you'll hardly even notice. Because you won't be accustomed to using twitter to post photos, you'll ignore the feature all together. And you'll just publish photos from instagram to your FB/Twitter like always. Even if they push the feature *hard* I don't see people buying it.

The only one who can disrupt Instagram is Apple or Google via their operating systems; providing filters in-line, and even then it doesn't have the community Instagram has....people would just post the photos to instagram anyways.

Tumblr might be able to disrupt.

True that.

Does Tumblr have a big iPhone/Android phone presence?

Huge on iPhone but not yet on Android.

Instagram has it's own community. It's a true mobile social network, not just a photo-sharing service. It's distinctively different from Twitter; perhaps somewhere in between Facebook and Twitter where people are sharing publicly -- for the most part -- but also intimately like Facebook.

Is that what Tumblr is like?

Hopefully we get a new Fail Mammal to go with this or it will be pretty boring....

Technically the Twitter Fail Robot is not a mammal. :)

Ahhhhhh... I love the smell of INNOVATION in the morning!!!

If Twitter makes itself more like Instagram, does that mean Instagram can make itself more like Twitter?

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