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trees scream when you chop them...we can now listen to them

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Trees Call for Help—And Now Scientists Can Understand

When there's not enough water, air bubbles are taken up by the tree and this causes various things to collapse and make noises.

It's not the tree consciously calling for more water.

aka "Osteoporosis is not our bones and genetic material screaming for more calcium + minerals"... or is it?

sensational title be damned!

Right?  At first I thought, NO MORE BONFIRES.

At first I thought, now I know why we chop down trees: To stop their infernal screaming.

Silence of the Elms.

1979: The Secret Life of Plants (Documentary)


Soundtrack by Stevie Wonder:

Stevie Wonder Secret Life of Plants(src)

Title Track >> quite a song


Well played, sir.

Cool, I wanted you to see this post.  But listen to the title song above though!  Just let it play.

I did. Liked it, too.