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Netflix: 29.2 million subscribers. HBO: 28.7 million. (Q1 2013)

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Netflix is now bigger than HBO by subscribers:

During peak periods of internet use in the US, Netflix constitutes 33% of all downstream traffic, which means content that goes into the device instead of out, according to broadband network provider Sandvine (pdf). That’s more than Google’s YouTube (14.8%), BitTorrent (5.9%), Apple’s iTunes (3.9%), Amazon Video (1.8%), and Facebook (1.5%), among others. Netflix isn’t as dominant in mobile internet use, where it has just 2.7% to YouTube’s 31%, but that’s the next battleground.

Bandwidth is a good metric to watch because it arguably measures the depth of attention commanded by these big media companies. Facebook obviously controls a large share of internet use, but the content it serves isn’t as rich, or bandwidth-heavy, as YouTube or Netflix. In theory, the richer media should ultimately translate into more revenue.

Netflix only makes $8-10 per month for most subscribers.

HBO gets twice that from cable operators.

Two years later, HBO is planning a standalone streaming service:

Another stat: there are almost 50 million cable subscribers in the U.S.:

There are also 50 million broadband subscribers in the U.S.

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