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Most Segregated Cities Census Maps - Business Insider

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All three of Ohio's cities are here...above is Cleveland.

It is bad.

You can't really see it, but I love Orange County.  You can start to see it at the bottom of the Los Angeles map, but OC is one of the most non-segretated communities in the country all working together to a shared goal: economic freedom and mobility. 


And the original flickr site:

Non-segregated economically?  Or racially?

That reminds me of a funny scene I saw at a Chipotle in Irvine.. 

It was a weekday afternoon and pretty much everybody else there were mothers with their broods, so the place was flooded with kids.  There were a few black kids running around playing (but doing so quietly).  A couple of latino boys tried to join them but were given a good swat by their mother to sit down and eat. Across the way there were 2 asian children looking at the kids play but sitting there dutifly eating. And off to the side near the bathroom were 2 white children, a boy and a girl... SCREAMING THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF and throwing shit... The boy was hella interested in some plant and would throw a tantrum if you dared try to keep him away from it, and the girl was so incensed she didn't get a McDonald's happy meal she decided to grab and throw anything she could get her hands on, including peoples' burritos, while screaming an unholy rage.  When the manager came over to ask them to leave, the little girl punched him in the junk.... that was awesome.

But the best part was none of the families, save the latino boys almost playiing with the black kids, took the slightest note of what any of the other families did and kept doing what they were doing: playing, eating, etc.


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