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What the world eats -- a week's worth of groceries ...

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This is an amazing visual of what different cultures eat in a week. I'm so attracted to the pictures of the fresh foods, as opposed to the pictures with the boxes and cans. 

Britain, no!

Isn't it shocking looking at India, Mexico (sans the Coke in the background) and Guatemala, then Japan, Britain, and Canada? I was disappointed in a perverse way, that the US wasn't represented here. 


USA   <weepings>

You're right. I skimmed through the album too fast. And I should have left it at that. Can you count the healthy food here? It sort of reminds me of a good old-fashioned game of "Where's Waldo." I would not eat much of this. Maybe a nice slice of the pizza--that looks good. 

Within every person there is a struggle between two wolves:  The good wolf and the judgmental wolf.  I am not feeding the second one right now ..... because there is nothing on that table it would eat!

I think I see a few tomatoes on that table...

Dawn, you're right -- why so much Coca Cola?

Mexico -- What the world eats -- a week's worth of groceries - Imgur

Can't drink the water, so no koolaid...

lol.. I have the same water filter as that chinese family....

So Mexicans can't drink water even with such a filter?

One can drink one's own water--it's people traveling who aren't accustomed to the microbes. There's a point where water is unsafe in general. When I lived overseas, I had to bring drugs w me just in case, and I always boiled the water for ten minutes before using, and I was in a city (Moscow). 

Okay, so why isn't water more prominent in the Mexican diet?

I do not know if it is or isn't... I shall research this. I have been asking students. 

Mexican Coke has real sugar, not HFCS. I don't really drink soda, but the difference is remarkable. Americans drink a lot of soda, too... Anyway, the kids sneaking stuff in my class. I think they've transitioned to energy drinks that are bad for you and sports drinks that remind me of antifreeze. [email protected], yes, it's so easy to be judgmental. I like to study the "cool" factor of certain foods. For example, in the 50's, industrialized food was a symbol of women's liberation. We started to look at a home-made meal as the symbol of enslavement in the home. That's come full circle. I'm glad...

When I was a kid, I cycled a lot--towns and towns at a clip. Seemed li