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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison makes Malibu real estate his own -

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Those houses without the blue bubbles probably could command at least as much as he's spent so far....Knowledge is power!

Rap Genius hales from Malibu....

Really? I thought they were from New York.

Btw I love how Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are giving their money away to charitable causes while Larry Ellison says "screw that, I'm buying a Hawaiian Island and half of Malibu."

(Rap Genius the entity, not the individuals.)

It does?! I thought it was in Silicon Valley??

Rap Genius is HQ'd in NYC.

what is Rap Genius.. 

An Hour with Larry Ellison:

that was delayed... 

I heard he's [eyeroll] wack, can be dismissed.  

Looks like they like to spend money and get naked.

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