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Anna Kendrick photo gallery

Anna Kendrick Imgur

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She seems to like colors. And also a little black dress.

Anna Kendrick hot little black dress Imgur

Anna Kendrick also likes pink, red... pretty much anything.

Anna Kendrick hot pink tight dress Imgur

anna kendrick hot red lace dress smile Imgur

From her shoot for Angeleno magazine:

imgur: the simple image sharer

Anna Kendrick velvet printed gown Angeleno magazine

At 2014 Grammy Awards:

Anna Kendrick Grammys 2014 hot dress Imgur

Anna Kendrick 2014 Grammy Awards smile Imgur

Anna Kendrick Grammys 2014 smile Imgur

The beautiful Anna Kendrick - Imgur

Anna Kendrick - Imgur

Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Ashley Greene, and Camilla Belle - Imgur

Anna Kendrick yellow heels blue miniskirt Imgur

2012 Toronto International Film Festival - Imgur

Anna Kendrick red dress high heels hot legs Imgur

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