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Tracking: The Ban On Google Glass | Fast Company

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The New York Times reports today the augmented reality headset has been preemptively banned by a Seattle dive bar. West Virginia legislators have attempted to make it illegal for drivers to sport Glass behind the wheel. Las Vegas casinos such as Caesars, which prohibits computers and recording devices, won't be welcoming Glass. And a White House petition requests the federal government ban Glass from the entire United States until we enforce stricter limitations on public surveillance. (As of this writing, the petition has 21 signatures.)

As the list of concerned protesters continues to grow, we began to wonder: Where will we be most likely to see this Glass resistance moving forward? We put together a short list, one we'll continue to flesh out as more examples crop up in the news:

Movie theaters and concert venues

Public schools 

Behind the wheel


Banks and ATMs

Dressing rooms, locker rooms, and other rooms with people who are potentially naked

"Ban Glass from the entire United States"?!

Boy, that escalated quickly.

pandawhale that escalated quickly gif

Do you have a "governmental knee-jerk reaction" gif?

Kneejerk reaction gif


Chris Bosh thinks so, too.

Chris bosh avengers Brilliant gif

Olivia Wilde less so.

Olivia wilde change up Brilliant gif

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