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Chief Technology Officer at Conservative Tech Startup in Austin, Texas Area - Job | LinkedIn

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Job DescriptionThe Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will recruit and lead a team of software engineers for a tech start-up that translates conservative philosophy into political power. The CTO will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.




Salary: $150,000 - $250,000 Strategy: The CTO will be a key member of our Executive Team and will provide direct input into the overall business and product strategy of the company. People: The CTO will help recruit and lead a core team of software engineers and other personnel necessary to develop, deploy, and continually enhance our products. Products: The CTO will identify our products' technical requirements, design a technological architecture to support our requirements, code, test, deploy, and continually enhance our products. Partners: The CTO will identify, negotiate with, and coordinate with technical partners to facilitate the development, deployment, and enhancement of our products. Emerging Technologies: The CTO will identify, track, and advise our team on emerging technologies that can be adopted and leveraged to create unique value for our end users.

Desired Skills & ExperienceThe CTO will care passionately about advancing the conservative movement. The CTO will have a distinguished engineering background with an excellent track record of programming achievements. The CTO will understand concepts associated with, among other things, big data, data modeling, predictive analytics, and/or have direct access to people and capabilities in these areas. The CTO will value design and believe the user experience is the guiding light for product development. Pirate's blood required.

Company DescriptionOur company is a conservative tech startup based in Austin, TX. Our mission is to translate conservative philosophy into political power. We are led by national conservative campaign operatives and advisors from Google, Apple, and other tech companies. We believe individual liberty, anchored in virtue, is worth fighting for and can change the world for the better. We’ve seen this demonstrated throughout history by men like John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr. We build tools for these types of people.

Seems like these guys are trying to what Obama did...:)

Texas is the reason:  (NSFW)

Sergey, What did Obama do?

Obama built a team of word class hackers, who built state of the election campaign management system. This system was used very succesfully to coordinate the campaign and win the elections.

Concervatives are trying to copy the success. They started by hiring CTO in LinkedIn.

I'm reasonably sure that posting is from one of Rove's groups

There are plenty of libertarian engineers. Certainly this job is appealing to at least one of them?

I fail to see the connection between libertarians and conservatives. No libertarian will welcome massive welfare programs for military contractors induced by religion driven fear mongering.

Libertarians put up with conservatives the way conservatives put up with center-slightly-rights.

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