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How To Make Great Vines

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Brands love Vine because they're six seconds of the brand connecting with the consumer.

Personally, I don't like Vine. Vines are too much like Flash to me. They're not easy to save like GIFs.

Vine is to Animated GIFs as Flash is to JavaScript.

I prefer Animated GIFs.

But if you're going to Vine, here's a helpful tutorial on how to keep them interesting.

Maybe only a webdev cares about this... but they are BIZARRELY SLOW to load.  :(  95% of the time I just give up.

Slow to load on the Web or slow to load on a Twitter client?

Uh... I can't say I've ever successfully loaded a Vine in a Twitter client?  Actually it's been a while on the web too.  They're just too slow for the payoff.

I feel that way about most links in Twitter clients, too. They're not optimized for speed.

They're optimized for keeping you there.

Keeping you there if you're mad is not a good strategic tradeoff.

I guess Twitter figures you have no other place to go.

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