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A Wormhole in Oregon

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Want. This. Shirt! 

Nice! Did you play Oregon Trail back in the day?

yup! when we had computer lab in grade school, if we finished whatever we were assigned we'd be allowed to play whatever we I'd speed through the work just to play oregon trail. 

Remind me, is there any way to "win" Oregon Trail? Or was it just, play as long as you can?

yup, you win by making it to Oregon!

Was it hard to win? Or did you make it to Oregon a lot?

from what I remember it was tough, because there were so many ways to die. 

That's what I remember too. 99 ways to die...

and 50 ways to say adios!

Half as many ways to say goodbye as there are to die?!

Now THAT sounds like Oregon Trail.

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