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What does Pandawhale postings say about the state of the valley? or is it just us?

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It seems like Pandawhale has more postings about how to try to live a good life than how to get stinky rich with a successful startup. Now, the community here is pretty small, so it could be an outlier, but do you think we are just trucking up Maslow's hierarchy?

Is it time for a different kind of organization, one that is committed to making lives better? Social entrepreneurism 2.0?

What if we didn't work 80 hours a week. What if we did try to leave the world just slightly better than we found it. What if we tried to provide more jobs for more people. What if we made space for us to watch our kids to grow up? What if our work didn't make the world any hotter? What if these businesses were real businesses that made real money?

What if business stopped being a zero-sum game?

And if so, what would it look like?

I think this community is aware that missions are more powerful than making money.

This community also seems to not want to defer till the future things we could be doing today.

This community is committed to learning, and continual improvement.

And yes, we measure ourselves not just in financial impact but also social impact.

I like that notion of leaving the world better than we found it.

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